Caged Nature

I took a stroll trough the city a few days back and was able to wander the grounds of the local vocational school. The school was closed due to the COVID19 pandemic so I had the space for myself. As a highly sensitive person I really enjoy it when I can explore urban places that are empty. So in a sense this pandemic has offered me quite some opportunities which I could not use as I also did not want to use public transportation to get to those places. Unfortunately.

Caged Nature: Grass trough the pavement
Caged Nature Fuji X100F 23mm (35mm eq)@F4.0 1/600s ISO 400 (Agfa Scala Film Simulation)

The place in front of the main entrance was build with these grey stones. They do not look different on a color picture. Every 15 meters or so they had omitted some stones and presumably planted something. All that was left was weeds and grass. I thought maybe they wanted to save money on maintaining a lawn or trees but they also had lawn with a path and benches around. A strange landscaping decision. I immediately called it Caged Nature. But fascinating nonetheless.

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