Sources of Stress

I am stressed out. Most people who only know me casually would really wonder what I am talking about. Stress? This guy? He seems so calm. But what are the usual things that pop into people’s minds when talking about stress: too many hours at work, children and household chores, demanding relatives, daily traffic jams, Saturday morning grocery shopping or...

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From grey to green

I grew up in a country behind the Iron Curtain that was full of the physical advances of scientific Marxism-Leninism. Whenever I think about this time I remember the color grey. Everything was drab and grey. Of course the new pre-fab city districts with their uniform apartment blocks had grass and trees in between them. But my old part of...

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Random Picture #2: Summer Rain

This is not an especially artistic or documentary picture. I just went out after a refreshing summer rain to enjoy the cool evening air. This park in Berlin would have been chock full with people having their barbecues and adding to the air pollution and garbage if it had not been for the rain. Instead I was able to enjoy...

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Glance Encounter

As important as the COVID19 pandemic is I do not really want to add to the discussion. Other people are much better qualified or did more research to talk about it. I would like to share a short story I wrote on the height of the lockdown. It takes place somewhere in the near future.

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Random Picture #1: Empty Crown

This is the beginning of a series I want to establish on this blog. I will simply pick a random image from my collection and try to write something about it. I took this picture on a stroll trough the park. They crop the trees into these ball shaped crowns. It looks especially interesting in autumn when one can see...

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Caged Nature

I took a stroll trough the city a few days back and was able to wander the grounds of the local vocational school. The school was closed due to the COVID19 pandemic so I had the space for myself. As a highly sensitive person I really enjoy it when I can explore urban places that are empty. So in a...

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