Review: The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock

I recently cleaned out the book shelves and found this little booklet hidden in a corner. This is not a trivia book but a list of questions that are supposed to help you get to know you or others better. One might also say it is a nice conversation starter for small parties if you don’t want to talk about the weather, sports or Coronavirus. My book seems to be one of the earlier editions from 1987. So expect some weird out of this world questions. I could buy the revised edition but I think getting into the 1980s mindset is going to be interesting.


This is not really a review of the book. See it more as a starting point for my plan to answer EVERY one of the 217(!) questions plus the maybe 25 additional questions in the addendum. Some questions I will answer in a serious manner, some I will pick apart logically and others deserve a satirical answer. Nevertheless I will strive to have every answer contain some piece of truth or some point to think about.

I am stoked….let’s go….

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