What is “thedullchannel” and why is it dull?

This blog is mostly about photography but also about some thoughts of mine. In fact I don’t just want to share pictures but tell a small story, some facts or backgrounds or raise questions. So why is this site called “thedullchannel”? I could have called it [name]photos.com or something similar. But this seemed boring to me. It would sound like a normal photography website. But I want to do more than just that.

A bit of personal history then. My life used to be very dull. I was brought up under the impression that having a decent education, a stable job, marriage and children is what I was supposed to do with my life and I achieved all four goals. But my job is rather boring, it pays the bills and married life is nice and all but not really everything I need. I wish I had used the opportunity to get the right education but then I was young and stupid. Then things very suddenly changed.

My outlook on life became quite different. I saw that work is something that will never satisfy me. It is a means to an end and realizing that I do not need to participate in the accumulation of material possessions I reduced my working hours and “paid” money to have more time for the important things in life.

I am also coming to terms with what is called high sensitivity and how this shapes my life especially how this relates to me not being able to be satisfied with one single monogamous relationship. I also enrolled into university again to study philosophy instead of the practical things I used to learn (not that philosophy is not also practical). So yeah…things changed a lot and I am trying very much to leave my old dull life behind. So in a twist of irony I used my old Instagram username “thedullchannel” for this blog. Because all the things I am interested in and that my mind connects to each other shall find a place here…moderated through pictures.

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