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Who is thedullchannel? I am Paul. This website is the culmination of some of the most important interest in my life. Photography, Philosophy, Finding Truth, Personal Growth, Psychology and Discussions about all things Meta. Welcome!

I was born in the early 1980s in Eastern Germany and the rapid changes following reunification impacted me deeply. I have a passion for photography and pursue my lifelong search for meaning and truth. This website is my attempt at putting it all together with images and words.

What can you find here?

You will find here posts about photography, pictures and their stories, small essays about different topics, some personal stories and maybe the occasional absurd satire. But I will try to keep the focus on pictures and their stories. Sometimes one image will be like an anchor for a wider discussion sometimes it is just an image.

I encourage discussion and I’d love to hear your ideas. Even if you think what I write is stupid, wrong, offensive, unfunny or morally repugnant please tell me in the comments or use the contact form. We can only ever learn from each others differences. I will only delete comments that are either spam, promote criminal activity or are blatantly hateful.

Support This Site

If you like my pictures and thoughts, please consider the occasional coffee donation to keep my creativity going as this website does no advertising or sponsoring.

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